Increase Cash Flow With the Money You’re Sitting On

When most businesses grow large enough, they develop an accounts receivable department to handle client invoices and track payments. If your business manages invoices on 30-, 60-, or 90-day cycles, you may be sitting on money your business could be using right now. Accounts receivable financing is one option to get you money for invoices for which you are waiting to be paid. 

What Is It?

Factoring or financing receivables means you sell your invoices to us at a discount for immediate cash. Your clients then send us payments for that account. This type of financing is quicker than applying and waiting for a loan and requires no fixed payments to repay. There isn’t any recourse if the account ends up not paying, and you may even qualify for free credit insurance. If your business needs money immediately and you’re waiting for payments to trickle in, this type of financing can be a good idea that doesn’t involve taking on new debt.

How Can the Money Be Used?

Instead of waiting for clients to pay on their accounts, you can use the money from financing receivables to pay your employees, help your business to grow, purchase equipment or inventory, or any other way you see fit for your business.


Learn More

Imagine Funding Solutions can provide you with a free analysis to see if accounts receivable financing is a viable option for you. Contact us today to learn more.