Buy the Equipment You Need Through Financing or Leasing

For many businesses, in order to properly operate, it is necessary to purchase or lease equipment. Even if you only need a few items, equipment can be very expensive up front, which is why Imagine Funding Solutions offers equipment financing to businesses of all sizes and types. Application approvals are often made within a day with repayment ranges up to 84 months and great rates.

To Finance or to Lease?

Financing generally requires you to pay in full for equipment over time, and you usually can’t even get your equipment until you lay down a down payment. Leasing allows you to use the equipment without investing major capital into it, and might only require one advance payment or two. This reserves your cash flow for other necessary areas of your business or a rainy day. We lease most kinds of equipment for most businesses at affordable rates.

Types of Leasing

We understand that every business has different needs, and that includes types of lease agreements. We offer flexible options, such as:

  • Sale and lease back
  • Leases for startup companies
  • Leases for poor credit
  • Leases for government and municipal entities

Contact Us Right Away

If you are debating on equipment leasing or financing and are worried about how it will affect your business finances, contact Imagine Funding Solutions today. We can help you with a no-obligation analysis and more.