The American Dream Is Affordable With Franchise Financing

Buying into a franchise is a great way to become a business owner and start living the American Dream. There are numerous franchises around the country to choose from. Deciding which franchise to join is just one of many difficult decisions you need to make. Much like purchasing a home, buying into a franchise requires a lot of money, for which you will likely need some sort of loan or financing. Imagine Funding Solutions provides affordable franchise financing options to help you make your business owning dream a reality.

Use Money the Way You Want

We can help clients at all stages of franchise ownership. When you opt into financing, you get to use the money however you see fit. Your money can be put toward:

  • Buying real estate to build your franchise
  • Purchasing equipment
  • Constructing a building
  • Remodeling
  • Acquiring another business
  • Refinancing 

Quick and Affordable Options

We have fast, affordable options for whatever you wish to do with your money. We are often able to close and commit to financing quickly. Whether you’re a first-time owner or an experienced franchisee, we can often find competitive rates and high loan-to-value percentages.


Let Us Work With You 

If you aren’t sure if financing is the right option for you, we can take a look and help you decide. We offer a wide variety of customized solutions for many different businesses. Contact Imagine Funding Solutions today to learn more about what sort of franchise financing options we can provide.