Stimulate Your Business Through a Merchant Cash Advance

Even businesses that manage their finances well sometimes run into periods of time where they are stretched for cash. When you know that you will have the profits to meet your financial demands later, but need the cash now, a merchant cash advance from Imagine Funding Solutions is a useful idea to have in your back pocket. 

Cash Advance vs. Loan

A cash advance gets you cash right away at a cost of a percentage of what you borrow. While you might have to wait several days for a loan to be approved and then the money to be given to you, a cash advance is practically immediate. You borrow money against the future credit card sales of your business. The money from those sales is used to pay back the borrowed amount until the debt is settled.

Getting a Merchant Account

Before you can use a merchant cash advance, you need a merchant account. This is whatever business manages your credit card sales. If you are able to accept credit cards at your business, you have a merchant account. If you have a merchant account, you can get merchant cash advance.

Advantages of Merchant Cash Advances

Getting a cash advance from us includes several benefits, including no closing costs or fixed payments. It’s easy to pay back the borrowed amount, there is no application fee and you don’t have to stress about losing any equity.


We’ll Get You Back on Track

For more information regarding our business cash advance options and other financial solutions, contact Imagine Funding Solutions today.