Gain Confidence With Our Mergers and Acquisitions Solutions

If you are in business long enough and your business is successful enough, you may eventually want to consider merging your business with another or acquiring another business. Growth is inevitable when you are successful enough. With acquisition financing from Imagine Funding Solutions, we can help your merger go smoothly and provide valuable insight into the company you are thinking of merging with yours.

Our Process

Before you finalize your merger or acquisition, we take a deep look into the business that you are considering. Once we have all of the details, we can construct a financing framework to meet your particular needs by leveraging existing assets. Our financing usually ranges from $1 million to $500 million.

The Importance of Analysis Before Merging

There are many different reasons why you might wish to merge with or acquire another business. It’s important to understand the good and the bad of the business with which you are combining. Our in-depth analysis can give you a better idea of what sort of risks and successes you are likely to face once you finalize your merger. This hopefully prevents unpleasant surprises from popping up after closing the deal.


Let Us Help

Having someone on your side with experience with merging and acquiring new companies can be beneficial when you are looking to grow your business. Contact Imagine Funding Solutions to find out more about our acquisition financing options today.