Raise the Value of Your Business Through Strategic Use of Private Equity

Your business has much value on its own, but a great way to increase the value of your business is to look into private equity financing and joint venture capital with Imagine Funding Solutions. This allows others to invest in your business, hopefully increasing its worth and bringing more overall financial success to you.

Advantages to Private Equity

Private equity financing brings with it many different advantages. It provides you with a medium to long-term opportunity for investment. Investors are generally committed until the terms of the investment are up. With experienced investors at your side, you are also bound to receive plenty of useful and practical advice for making your business more successful. Your success is also the success of your investors, so it can be wise to have a good resource to turn to. 

How We Choose Our Investments

Having many strategic alliances on our side, we are very selective about the companies we invest in. We look for businesses that have the ability to create value and generate cash. Strong management and plenty of potential for growth is also required, as well as a clean exit strategy. Basically, businesses must demonstrate that they have continued ability for success.


We Can Help 

Imagine Funding Solutions can help with management buyouts, growth capital, recapitalizations, leverage buyouts and more. To get more information about joint venture and private equity financing, contact us today.