Millions of Dollars Are Waiting for Your Large Project

You might have a multi-million dollar idea that is bound to lead the company you work for to success, but you first need the money to finance take it from planning to realization. When you are in need of large project financing, Imagine Funding Solutions can help. With a nearly limitless funding capacity through our capital partners, no project is too large for us to consider.

What Qualifies as a Large Project?

Large projects are those that tend to cost anywhere from $1 million to over $50 million. It might be a large construction project or an attempt at modifying a large company to conform to pollution control standards. If it is complex in planning and implementation and costs a lot, it probably qualifies as a large project.

What We Bring to the Table

In addition to our capital partners, we can help create customized financing solutions for your project based on:

  • Assets
  • Project projections
  • Experience
  • Unique characteristics of your project

Your customized financing solution is based on our analysis of your project. We can provide you with plenty of financing options, including energy, debt, mezzanine, venture capital and more. We also bring years of large project financing experience to the table.


Fund Your Project Today

If you’re needing financing for a large project in your future, contact Imagine Funding Solutions to learn about our customized options.