Solving the Puzzle of Liquidating Future Assets

Many companies often find themselves with assets tied up in structured settlements or through annuities. While these products guarantee that the company will have a continued cash flow into the future, that helps little if the company is currently going through financial struggles or is looking to supplement its revenues in order to expand. If that’s a conundrum that’s all too familiar to you, not to worry; we here at Imagine Funding Solutions know the way to turn those future assets into immediate funds.

Benefits of Annuity Financing

Through our structured settlement and annuity financing program, you can sell us a portion of or all of your monthly payment. All you have to do is provide us with the payment schedule, the name of the insurance company or provider that’s administering the account as well as specific account information, and we’ll do the rest. We’re able to customize your payout options to meet both you and your company’s unique needs, allowing you to:

  • Avoid any early surrender charges and fees
  • Deal with unexpected financial obstacles to your company’s growth
  • Better position your assets for future heirs

Let us here at Imagine Funding Solutions help you to unlock the funding potential of your annuity or settlement payments. It’s through innovative financing options such as these that we’re able to uphold our reputation as thinking “outside of the box” when it comes to commercial finance options. To learn more about this and our many other commercial finance products, give us a call today.