Inviting You to Be a Part of the Imagine Team

Your success as a broker in the commercial finance industry depends largely on the backing of whatever financial partner or firm with whom you operate. If you’re like most brokers out there, you know all too well what it feels like to have placed an inordinate amount of time and effort into arranging deals for your clients only to then see those deals fall through thanks to inadequate financial backing. Or perhaps you’ve seen deals succeed but haven’t been able to truly enjoy the fruits of your labor thanks to an unfair commission structure. Those problems will soon become distant memories once you choose to work with us here at Imagine Funding Solutions.

Outstanding Employee Benefits

We’re always on the lookout for bright new minds to contribute to our team. If you think that you’re stuck working for a firm that can’t take you to where you want to go as a broker, we’re here to help. We have regional positions available all across the country, and are ready to offer you exceptional benefits such as:

  • An outstanding benefit and commission structure
  • A chance to work closely with some of the most highly-skilled professionals in the industry
  • A flexible, autonomous work environment
  • Access to a vast network of lending partners

A Referral Partner You Can Count On

Even if you don’t work directly for us, we can still help to contribute to your success as an independent broker. Finding the right financing options for your clients can be one of the greatest challenges that you face when working on your own. Fortunately, we can offer your clients those options through our lending network. Not only do we offer some of the best referral rates in the business, but we also reward your trust in referring your clients to us by sending them back to you first should they approach us to do business again in the future.

Our reputation as one of the premier firms in the commercial finance industry is due to the many outstanding brokers that we have working for or with us. We invite you to join their ranks. Whether it’s by referring your clients to us for financing or by working directly underneath our corporate umbrella, you’ll find the benefits that come with participation in our referral and broker program are too good to pass up. To find out more about how we can further your career as a broker, contact us today.